Scott Sussman

Scott was born in Fountain Valley, California in 1971. He conceived Octopus Ink Press when a shark attacked him while he was scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and a giant octopus enveloped him in a cloud of black ink. By the time visibility had returned, the shark and octopus were gone. Scott used the ink that saved his life to pen his first book, Silly the Seed.

When asked why he writes for children, he said, “Because anything’s possible in a child’s mind. Tables can walk and talk, French fries can refuse to be eaten, your socks can complain that your feet stink. For me that’s fun.”

In addition to reading, writing, and playing the harmonica, Scott spends his time taming lions, chasing (and catching) tornadoes, and training his pet cat in the art of pillow fighting.

Visit his video blog at KIDS ASK SCOTT.

Yves Margarita

Yves was born in Mexico City in 1983. At the age of eight, he declared himself an independent nation. He has since enjoyed the privileges of Presidency but his statehood exasperates cartographers around the globe who must redraft maps whenever he leaves his house.

He is a graphic designer with a specialty in video/animation production. He taught Web Design at the Anáhuac University of Mexico and was the Creative Director at the multimedia animation studio, Calcetín Animaciones.

He believes in white magic, basing his faith on a potion he drank that turned him into a turkey. He misses his feathers and the fleshy protuberance attached to the underside of his beak but says he prefers being human.

In addition to playing the guitar, writing songs, and traveling, he collects tree bark, sea salt, and lint from other people’s pockets. He speaks several languages, not at the same time, and has patented a shaving cream that works without the razor. In the future, he hopes to perfect the art of parallel parking.

Francesca Serraino Fiory

Francesca was born in Rome, Italy in 1975. After earning her PhD in material engineering from the University of Rome, La Sapienza, she entered the pharmaceutical industry, working as Regulatory Affairs Director and assisting in the marketing department.

In 2016 she moved to the United States and worked as a horse dentist, rodeo clown, Elvis impersonator, and human scarecrow before landing her dream job as Sales and Marketing Manager at Octopus Ink Press.

In addition to English and Italian, Francesca is fluent in pig Latin and hieroglyphic slang. She can tell you the exact time at any hour for every city in the world, and sometimes she’s right. She has hyper-sensitive tastebuds, adding salt to her soup one grain at a time.

She’s also a Holistic Heath Practitioner at “I can massage the knots out of a tree trunk,” she says.

She enjoys shopping for shoes and swimming with dolphins. Her favorite planet is Earth.