Silly the Seed

Silly the Seed is the heroic adventure of a small seed that grows up to be a beautiful flower. Along the way his acts of friendship and kindness teach and entertain readers of all ages. But when Silly needs help, who will help him?

“I don’t think she’s ever asked for a book twice in a row before! She really loved it and is still talking about Silly.” –Patty, mother

“I LOVE Silly the Seed because he’s funny, and beautiful.” –Sarah, age 4

“Silly the Seed is Parker’s favorite book! Thanks so much for bringing Silly to the world. Our little guy talks about him all the time. So much fun!” –Jeff, father

“Sullivan loves Silly. I put it in my bag when we go to church. He loves it.” –Erin, mother

“What a great story! My kids want the book read to them every night. A touching story with a message. We all fell in love with Silly.” –Mike, father

Weird the Beard

Weird the Beard is the amusing journey of a beard that makes friends by cracking jokes. But the joke’s on Weird when he tries to befriend a suspicious-looking razor. Needless to say, he will never be the same.

“Dada your friend should write all the books. Don’t take this one back to the library, okay?”–Nathan, age 5

“All in all, a giant hit with this three-year old, and it was really fun reading it to her.”–Cynthia, mother

“A perfect book for little ones; sweet, simple, full of smiles… Just the way childhood should be.”–Henry, father

Mark and the Molecule Maker

When Mark enters his father’s laboratory and finds the Molecule Maker, he flips the switch and makes a monster. Things go from bad to worse when the creature escapes and Mark races against the sunrise to right the wrong.

“All in all, a great picture book with a great story and good lessons on love, bravery, following rules and adventure!”–Keeva, mother

“Not only is the story adventurous and exciting but the illustrations are wonderful.”–Angela, mother

“We just received the book last week and my son has asked me to read it everyday so far.”–Jeff, father

“An instant hit with my 3.5 year old son. This book keeps him excitedly turning the pages to find out what happens next. A clever, fun story with a lesson to be learned at the end. Very happy we added this book to our collection.”–HFK, father

Mark and the Molecule Maker 2: The Lightning Jungle

The adventure continues with book two of the Mark and the Molecule Maker trilogy. When the Molecule Maker malfunctions, creating a bunch of mischievous creatures that kidnap Mark’s father, Mark races into the lightning jungle on an amazing rescue mission. But will he arrive before it’s too late?

Mark and the Molecule Maker 3:

The Underground Mountain

In the thrilling conclusion to the Mark and the Molecule Maker trilogy, the chase is on when a cunning monster steals the Molecule Maker. In a desperate attempt to retrieve the incredible invention, Mark and his father must risk their lives on the treacherous underground mountain, where danger lurks behind every boulder and hides inside every hole.

Fred and the Monster

Fred is afraid of the dark. So is the monster under his bed. One night, Fred’s mom does the unthinkable, she turns off the light! Stricken with terror, Fred and the monster must rely on each other for the courage to face their worst fear.

“A clever twist on the ‘afraid of the dark’ theme. Way to go Scott Sussman and Yves Margarita. Once again you’ve proved yourselves an award-winning team!” –Michele, 1st grade teacher

“I love Fred’s freckles, and his orange hair.” –Sandy, age 5

“Fantastic illustrations! A wonderful story! Fred’s adorable, and the monster’s cute, too.” –Pauline, mother

“I bought this book on a whim because of the Ippy Award. A fun adventure with a strong message. A perfect book for any child who’s afraid of the dark, afraid of monsters, or afraid of anything.” –Silvia, grandmother

The Shining Adventures of Shelpa McStorm

The trip of a lifetime on the most exclusive vacation planet in the universe! Shelpa McStorm has barely set foot in the crystal blue ocean of Panacea when he is thrust into a wild adventure through enchanted forests and forbidden lands. Along the way he encounters a hitchhiking hat, a cornball king, a wacko meatball, and a host of other crazy characters. Shelpa’s life is about to take an incredible turn. Although he thinks he is racing to rescue a friendly flower, his real quest is to save himself.

(Chapter book, paperback, 208 pages)

[ Coming soon … ]

Lerky the Handturkey

Lerky the Handturkey is the inspiring story of a handturkey whose wise words encourage others to see the bright side. The delightful companion to Silly the Seed and Weird the Beard, this wacky tale of friendship and optimism is a treat for every child.